Due to a critical lack of personnel and the 'M.I.A.' status of a number of key team members, there will be a reduction in operations for the foreseeable future. Units will be called upon on a rotational basis, each three days in the field followed by four days inactive.

The TRX servers will be offline from Monday to Thursday inclusively.

Each Friday, the start time will be between 16:40 and 19:00 UK time. At weekends, startup will be between 12:00 and 13:00, sometimes delayed when a later start is unavoidable.

The servers will usually auto-shutdown at 00:00; if the servers are in heavy use at the normal closure time, they will sometimes remain active overnight if circumstances permit.

All servers run in 'Vietnam' mode and are as follows:
  • Roundhammer  - primary server, no hradba protection*

  • Roundhammer2 - no hradba protection*

  • Roundhammer3 - no hradba protection*

  • Roundhammer4 - no hradba protection;* this server will run both (TRX) and hosted maps

  • Roundhammer5 - no hradba protection*

* hradba is now disabled on all of the Roundhammer servers to enable the increasing number of players who are experiencing connection / hradba / Vista problems on joining; TRX do not wish to encourage cheating.

When the 'RoundhammerT' test server is active, it will be password-protected to prevent the release of unfinished maps.

Visitors to TRX-hosted games are welcome to use the TRX TeamSpeak server; click here for passwords and settings.

Please respect other players in the servers at all times. Teamkillers and other idiots will be subject to an immediate ban; frequent grenade usage is actively discouraged and will usually result in a 'kick', with repeat offenders being banned.

Enjoy the game!

Last updated 07.11.10