Here is a solution to past problems reported with the 'Hradba' anti-cheat software:
  • Hradba initialisation fails:

    Note that all the following changes are reversible; no original files are deleted.

    1) Using 'My Computer' or 'Windows Explorer', go to the folder where 'Vietcong' is installed, e.g.
         c:\Program Files\Vietcong

    2) Open the  'hradba'  sub-folder

    3) In the  'hrdaba'  folder, there should be a further sub-folder, not a file, named  'actual';
         - in either case, rename it as  'actualXXX'

    4) There should also be a sub-folder named  'versions'; rename it as  'versionsXXX'

    5) Restart the 'Vietcong' game and join a hradba-protected server

         - this will cause the hradba files and folders to be downloaded, including the contents of the  'actual'  and
            'versions'  folders, thus creating fresh copies of the files and and folders that were renamed (above)


Last updated 07.11.10