The Vietcong system logs show that many players joining the (TRX) Roundhammer server are experiencing the "vchook" or "direct3Dhook" problem, which in some cases may be due to the use of Windows Vista.

The following advice is replicated from www.AusCong.com; enormous thanks to the site and to the author(s) for their continuing contribution to the Vietcong game community.

Vietcong and Windows Vista          By: silent bob @ 10:15pm 21/05/07 | Category: Auscong

1. Foreword
2. Required Software
3. Changes on Vista and Direct X
4. Greetings

1. Foreword

The main reason why Vietcong does not run with Windows Vista is simple: Direct X10 is detected as "vchook" or "direct3Dhook"

This Tut will show you how to play Vietcong with Windows Vista although we recommend Windows XP for the next one or two years.

The reason:

Vietcong on Vista with actual hardware: 100-200 FPS (depends on map)
Vietcong on XP with actual hardware: 250-300 FPS (depends on map)

2. Required Software

--->>DirectX Eradicator (Source: http://www.3dcenter.de/downloads/fi...-eradicator.zip)
--->>DirectX 9.0c (Source: http://download.microsoft.com/downl...2007_redist.exe)

3. Changes on Vista and Direct X

Download both tools
Install the DirectX Eradicator and delete DirextX from your PC
Reboot your PC and cancel the automatic new installation of DirectX
Install DirectX 9c
Reboot, you are able to play now ( Hradba and Dedicated Servers tested ).
Do not update to DirectX 10!

4. Greetings

This Tut works with Windows Vista only and has been tested with following system specs:

CP AMD 4800+ X2
Board: Asus M2NS-NVM
Ram: 2048 Infenion
Video:GeForce 7600GS
OS: Windows Vista Premium

THX and Greetz to: bast1an,Vici

Written by RacheEngel aka Shanks aka f6BLUE aka Moep / translated by Silent Bob

Last updated 31.05.08