There is currently a problem with this map which prevents players from joining mid-game

     - the solution is to restart the map after each round, at which time new players can join.

Typically, the error may happen if players attempt to join a game that has been in progress for some time, maybe if they download the map from the game server whilst the mission is running. When they try to join, their game may crash, but it will restart OK.

So far, it has not been possible to devise a solution; if this can be fixed, a new version of the map will be released.

DOWNLOAD MAP                COOP, 6 players

This map is based upon the 'Rivil' multiplayer map, although key elements of the scenery have been changed.

Combined U.S. forces are instructed to attack a village in a secluded coastal inlet which is being used by the VC as a distribution point for supplies.

Credits: Many thanks to Faldo, Mr.Bronson, Gringo, * Linda*, and Do Not Touch for their creative input and help with repeated testing of this problematic map.
Last updated 24.07.10