There is currently a problem with this map which affects new players when first joining, if no soldier class and weapon is selected with approximately 35 seconds; in these circumstances, the player is left without a weapon.

          - the solution is to rejoin the map and to make a selection within the 'fault' time limit.

So far, it has not been possible to devise a solution; if this can be fixed, a new version of the map will be released.

DOWNLOAD MAP                COOP, 6 players

This map is based upon the 'Waterfall' multiplayer map, although most of the key elements of the scenery have been radically changed.

On emerging from the forest, a U.S. team is outraged by the events unfolding across a ricefield.

Credits: Many thanks to Mr.Bronson, Faldo, Blue, * Linda*, and Do Not Touch for their creative input and help with repeated testing of this extremely problematic map.
Last updated 12.12.09