PC Performance Tips


  Vistors to the (TRX) Roundhammer servers occasionally complain of server lag; whilst this is always a possibility, the more likely cause is their frame rate and / or ping (see below).

Some of the (TRX) 'Vietcong' maps can be quite demanding upon your PC and graphics card, as they can contain a very large number of objects and high levels of detail. You may sometimes notice pauses or stuttering graphics, usually caused by the following:

  • Frame rate

    To show your frame rate, type into the console:      showfps 1      (to disable, type   showfps 0)

    Use the help below to change your settings until you can achieve a minimum frame rate of about 23 to 25 frames per second.

    Click here for tips on how to improve overall game performance.

    Click here to download a catalogue of nVidia driver settings plus a summary of the other tips which may improve your frame rate (in Word95 format, for compatibility).

  • Ping

    If you suspect that you have a 'high ping' problem, you can use the ' tracert' command to show the diagnostics for your current connection route.

    Click here for an example of the 'tracert' utility in use from the Windows command prompt.
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Last updated 02.04.10